Colorful Stained Glass with Nature in mind! All Original designs...

Traditional Style

Frank Lloyd Wright/Prairie Style


This is the plant room for a Boulder Colorado home.  These windows make you want to spend time in this room! The home owner was wonderful to work with, thanks Craig!

The Plant Room


12 windows that totally changed the look of the room. . .

Closeup of big window


This big window was just incredible! I always recommend that plain glass be put in window spaces & that the colored glass be put on the inside. The transformation from plain glass to antique glass, amber glass & bevels was wonderful!

Big window on the worktable


A view of how different a window looks on the worktable as to how it looks in the window with sun behind it. . .

The Doors in the TV Room


These doors, the amber glass, changed the TV Room and added beauty and privacy.

Doors on the worktable


Look at the difference in appearance when on the worktable!

The TV Room


These are more windows in the TV Room and the bottom window lifts up. 

Closeup of TV Room window



Ken's Transom Window


Transom windows offer a great place for Stained Glass! Thanks for the idea Ken!

Bass Pro Shops window


This window was made for a retail shop opened in the Springfield/Branson, MO  area

Bass Pro Shops window 2


Window done for Bass Pro Retail Sales shop.  Simple but very nice.  Good examples of the lead method of stained glass.  Very traditional.

Both Windows


Both Windows on the worktable.