Colorful Stained Glass with Nature in mind! All Original designs...


Striking Poppies


As a teacher I and one of my wonderful students (Gale) created this image.  I drew the design for us to use. . .

Red Hibiscus


Another student wanted to do a Hawaiian flower . . . so I drew up a couple of Hibiscus designs.  And Beverly did and excellent job making this window!


Another student project (I helped) that is an award winner!!!!

Living in the mountains make us all excited for Spring! Gale and I worked on this beauty to remind her all year of the colors of Spring!



This stunning Iris was a gift from a loving husband Olee to his wife Nancy.  It sparkles and makes rainbows in the room!

Colorado Columbine


This is my favorite flower! A gift made for a friend of mine, Helen,  commissioned by her daughter!

Columbine - backlit. . .


Glass work looks totally different when on the worktable compared to what it looks like with light behind it.  These two pictures show a good comparison. Check out that sky!