Colorful Stained Glass with Nature in mind! All Original designs...

Bass Pro Shops Murals

Bass Pro Shops - "Ozark Museum"


7 ft.x 4 ft. Mural in Glass for "The Museum of the Ozarks" near Branson MO.  close to Top O' The Rock Golf Course

Bass Pro Shops - "Ozark Museum"


2nd big Mural in Glass for Bass Pro Shops "Museum of the Ozarks" 7 ft. x 4 ft located near Branson, MO and close to Top of the Rock Golf Course.

Room Placement


The stained glass mural is BIG, 7 ft x 4 ft but looks dwarfed next to the mastodon skeleton. Glass is positioned over 2 full size doors.

Room Placement


The 2nd glass mural placed over the doors in the same room with the mastodon skeleton.

Room Placement


Longer shot of the room.

Work in Progress


This is a picture of the mastodons glass work in progress, look at all the houseshoe nails!