Colorful Stained Glass with Nature in mind! All Original designs...

Past Projects

Bass Pro Time Share Cabins


All around Table Rock Lake in Missouri, Bass Pro Shops builds time share cabins.  Big Cedar Lodge is "Disneyland for Fishermen," and is a show case for Bass Pro Shops.  Each cabin has unique stained glass windows, I was chosen to make some of them.

Closeup of etching


This closeup of the Elk etching which is the centerpiece of the previous window.

Companion triangle window


Triangle windows are used atop doorways in pairs to fill up the space. This window is a companion piece for the time share window that has the Elk centerpiece.

Closeup of Quail


This etched Quail set off the triangle windows.  The colors match the bigger window.

Traditional Bass Pro window


This is a window done for Big Cedar Lodge in Branson MO which is a part of Bass Pro Shops.

Window on the worktable


The contrast of a window on the worktable and up in the window is huge!  This window really looks pretty on the table and also pretty in the sunlight.

Big Cedar Lodge Bathroom Window


Bass Pro Shops built Big Cedar Lodge with the help of many talented craftsmen. I have been fortunate enough to do some of the stained glass windows.  This was a bathroom window in the women's showers.



Closeup of a sycamore leaf.  Window made with the lead method.

Another view


This view pulls back to show more of the lead window for the bathrooms.

The set of windows


This view shows several matching windows.

Sycamore Window


Bass Pro Shops Big Cedar Lodge put in some large bathrooms to accommodate wedding parties prep before the wedding. This window (shown here on the worktable) is a Sycamore Tree. It looks dark here but in the next picture. . .

Sycamore Window


This window shows lots of contrast from table to window. Look at all those colors!