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About Kay O´Neil

Kay O’Neil has been a working professional artist for about 25 years and she has been specifically in business in the Ozarks since 1992.
She has concentrated on stained glass because it offers the opportunity to work with the artistic elements of line, color, AND texture.
Glasswork also has a life of it’s own when the sun participates in the creation of differing light intensities at different times of the day.
When thinking about glasswork, the power of color as well as the subtlety of well designed glass can create environments that you will thoroughly enjoy spending time in.
Glass panels or “windows” can exist on interior walls, doors, transoms, children’s rooms, pool rooms, hot tub and bathrooms areas, barns containing your horses, tack rooms, golf or sports rooms, garden and meditation spots. . .
at your office or your vacation homes as well as your estate.
Kay’s work is creative, original, and organic ~ inspired by nature’s patterns, shapes, textures, and colors.
”Fine” craftsmanship describes the work that comes from this studio “art that happens to hang in the window.” 

There is a quote that she believes is a great description that goes. . .

He who works with his hands is a laborer,
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman,
He who works with his hands, his head, and with his heart is an artist.
(St. Francis Asissi)

In addition to her glass work and teaching, Kay is an accomplished artist with a pencil, she can portray reality with a lyrical style that jumps off the page – as if you could reach out and touch the objects drawn.
Graphic art has always been an interest – and images of black and white can be used in purely fine art print media – from “camera ready” pen and ink, metal etchings, wood cuts, silk screen prints, to graphic illustration for commercial work such as logos and T-shirt designs, and object illustrations for brochures, newspaper adds, or signage. Color can then be easily added.